Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

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In order to get different results in any area of your life,it’s you that has to change. However,you must first be “born again”. This is what is described as a ” paradigm shift” in the Seven Habits” book. Our actions are born from our rule book of life-the way we think things OUGHT to be. These are our paradigms. Most of our paradigms are based on familial,religious or cultural MSU and are not in alignment with the universal laws of nature. Health care is an excellent example. The MSU paradigm of health care that I and most of you grew up with has resulted in an epidemic of “diseases” and a nation on more drugs than any other nation in the world. Our “rules” for health care are not aligned with the universal laws of nature. Its a similar problem that kept the “experts” from creating a plane that would fly. The universal laws of aerodynamics were always there. However,it took 2 bicycle repair men to ignore conventional MSU,observe the universal laws of aerodynamics from watching birds,follow those rules,do the Wright stuff and create the first successful flying machine. Its similar with your finances,relationships and health. If getting your health back is your objective,the rules are already there. They have always been there. They will always be there. The footprints are everywhere you look. It’s you that must change and the change must be seismic. You wont pray yourself healthy any more than you will pray up a garden. You want drug yourself healthy. You won’t supplement yourself healthy.

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