Skin Cancers

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There are three basic types of skin cancer: basal cell, squamous cell and melanoma. Basal cell is the most common and most benign. It does not spread to other sites although it can be disfiguring if not treated. It does not cause death. Melanoma is the most dangerous. Once it spreads to a different site, cure is unlikely. Squamous cell cancer falls in between. It does not spread as readily as melanoma, but it can spread and become terminal.

My approach to cancer is not to try to cure it. Cancer cells do not want to be cancer cells. Normal cells change to cancer cells for a similar reason as you put on winter clothing to go out into the snow in 20-degree weather. All living organisms make adjustments to survive their environments.

Normal cells pleomorph (change) into cancer cells in order to survive toxic exposures. They change from aerobes (using oxygen combined with glucose and thyroid hormone to make energy) to anaerobes (no oxygen or thyroid needed). Anaerobes survive toxic environments better.

The exposure can be from X-rays (mammograms, CT scans, chest X-rays…make sure you need them), environmental toxins (glycophosphates from GMOs, pesticides, off gassing from plastics, air pollution), unopposed UV light from the Sun (eat dark fruits/veggies for internal sunscreen…this is why people who got more Sun in years past had less skin cancer), or prescription drugs (paradoxically, many cancer drugs cause cancer).

However, most of the toxic exposure encountered by human cells comes from the immune system during the process of inflammation. Inflammation is caused by the immune system production of chemicals called “cytokines”. These are produced to kill critters, but can also be toxic to normal cells, especially if inflammation is chronic.

Once you come back inside from the snow and 20-degree weather, no one has to surgically remove your clothes, burn them off you or use a toxic chemical to dissolve them off. You take them off voluntarily in response to a change in your environment. That is the approach I used in treating my prostate cancer. I flooded my body with good nutrition, boosted my immune system and used medical marijuana (Legal in Washington state where I was at the time). The prostate cancer cells changed back to normal or were destroyed by my immune system. This person is using a similar strategy after other therapies failed to resolve her advanced squamous cell cancer.

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