Stop Counting Calories

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You have probably seen footage of “Those magnificent Men and their Flying Machines”. For decades,the world’s best engineers,architects,and pysicists tried to create a machine that would fly. All the “experts” failed. 2 lowly bicycle repairmen,the Wright brothers,succeeded. They succeeded where the “experts” failed because they learned the rules of the game. Results will always point out to you who the real experts are. The Wright brothers didn’t try to reinvent the wheel. They looked at experts who were already flying,birds,and copied what birds did. I didn’t go to China to lose weight. However,within a week of being there,I’d lost 7 lbs. There was no Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. There were no neighborhood gyms. No one counted calories. There were was no “low fat”,”sugar free” foods. Yet,no of them was fat. These were the experts at maintaining a healthful weight. My Weight is Over program doesn’t create anything new. It does re-educate you to dispose of the myths that keep people fat and sick,like counting calories. There are basic rules for weight loss and health that have no more to do with me than flying had to do with the Wright brothers. The rules for flying were always there. Most men chose to ignore them. If you want to lose weight and get healthy,do what the experts do.

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