The Vaccine Argument

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I graduated in the top third of my medical school class at Texas Tech University School of Medicine. That means that around 30 people were smarter, at least on paper (Like Tony Romo…haha). There are 149 medical schools in the U.S. Do the math, and it says that I’m a long way from being the sharpest knife in the bed. Soooooo, if I cure cancer, that means the others are not looking to cure cancer. If I cure diabetes, it means the others would rather profit from amputating legs and running dialysis units. If I clear up eczema in a child in just one week, it means there are people willing to let your child suffer at the expense of corporate greed.

The vaccine argument is much too complicated if you understand how viruses and the immune system work. VIRUSES DON’T PRODUCE ANY TOXINS! There is no polio toxin. There is no measles toxin. There is no Ebola toxin. There is no Zika toxin. Ask your doctor. What causes the paralysis of poliomyelitis is the immune system response (inflammation) to an enterovirus in nerve cells of the spine. The response could be to one specific enterovirus, labeled polio. However, the exact same reaction can happen when a different enterovirus (D68) invades spinal nerve cells (Acute flaccid paralysis is simply polio by a different name). Your immune system causes polio, not the virus. This makes it IMPOSSIBLE TO ERADICATE POLIO unless you eradicate the immune system.

Secondly, viruses don’t have sex. The only way for them to increase in number is to get inside a cell and use the cell’s DNA as a copy machine to make millions of other viruses. When these viruses break out of the cell, into the bloodstream, that’s when the immune system responds with chemicals (cytokines) that cause poliomyelitis, rashes, encephalitis, microcephaly, cervical cancer, cold/flu symptoms, exsanguination (Ebola), etc.

It’s quite easy to prevent the consequences of an immune system overreaction (cytokine storm) from viral invasion. I outline the strategies in my “Passover Protocol” on this DrFittInfo site. It only makes sense to lock windows, deadbolt doors and never leave keys in an unattended vehicle.

Here’s an interesting Facebook post shared from VaXism March 28, 2016

“SIDS Caused by Vaccination?” (Watch Video)

There is no way for a coroner to list “Vaccines” as the cause of death.
Here is a compilation of 100’s of babies under 6 months old who died within 12 hours of shots and it was labeled “SIDS”.


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