Unscrambling Myths About Eggs

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Patients are often surprised when I tell them to eat as many eggs as they like,with the yolk. The myths around eggs are  one: that they raise cholesterol and 2: that increased cholesterol causes heart attacks. First of all,hearts don’t attack. The episodes now called “acute coronary events”(ACEs) don’t even happen in the heart per se,but in the arteries that deliver blood to the heart. The process that causes these events is inflammation/oxidation(Oximation) in the inner lining of the blood vessels. Inflammation and the production of the free radicals that cause oxidation are consequences of an activated immune system. The immune system reacts to an overgrowth of micro-organisms in the body. This process can and does happen anywhere in the body. This same process causes strokes,high blood pressure,auto immune disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, sinusitis, cancer and most other chronic disease. This is why all these “diseases” respond positively or negatively to one particular type of eating pattern. A diet that provides plenty of sugar for microbes will promote Oximation. A diet high in plants that kill microbes prevents and reverses the process. These are not diseases. They are consequences.
Over time, this process leads to plaque build-up(Its this same process that leads to dental plaque. This is why there is an association between heart disease and dental infections) and an erosion of the lining of the blood vessel wall. At some point,the lining will rupture and a clot will form that blocks blood flow to the heart. This can cause the heart to go into a fatal heart beat pattern called “ventricular fibrillation”. This is what causes death from so called “heart attacks”. Adding 2000,mg of DHA from fish oil each day reduces the likely-hood that ventricular fibrillation will occur if you have an ACE. If a clot does develop with symptoms of crushing chest pain,jaw pain,sweating,acutely elevated blood pressure,or pain down the left arm, taking a 325mg aspirin and chewing it up and swallowing is the first thing to do while calling 911 or heading to the ER. This may dissolve the clot and allow you leave the emergency room before the Pepsi Generation that now inhabits most ERs does more harm. The above are symptoms seen in men. Symptoms are different for women:

Women commonly have symptoms of shortness of breath, unexplained fatigue, or pressure in the lower chest, so they easily mistake it as a stomach ailment.”

In the Circulation study, common female heart attack symptoms include:
•    shortness of breath (57.9%)
•    weakness (54.8%)
•    unusual fatigue (42.9%)
Women also had these symptoms:
•    Nausea
•    Dizziness
•    Lower chest discomfort
•    Upper abdominal pressure or discomfort that may feel like indigestion
•    Back pain If these blockages are not treated quickly and aggressively,the part of the heart they serve will die from lack of oxygen( A similar death happens in the brain after a stroke).

This will compromise the ability of the heart to pump blood effectively and can lead to leg swelling,fluid build-up in the chest and a condition called “congestive heart failure”. In severe conditions,a heart transplant is the only thing that will save the patient from death. A BALI type eating plan,which includes eggs (preferably from free range chickens fed a high omega 3 diet) prevents and reverses the process of Oximation and will,with the addition of thyroid hormone,reverse plaque build-up.
Secondly,eggs don’t raise cholesterol as this report from Harvard School of Medicine states.


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