How Do Viruses Make You Sick?

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How do viruses make you sick and how does vitamin A make you well? You’ll understand more than most doctors in a little more than three minutes. Viruses don’t actually make you sick. What makes you sick is your immune system response to the sudden release of millions of viral particles from an infected cell into the blood stream. One virus goes inside a cell and makes millions of copies of itself. The cell is then destroyed and these new viruses are released into the blood stream. The immune system reacts by producing cytokines. It’s the cytokines that give you the symptoms of the flu, measles, chicken pox, RSV, the common cold or Ebola.

Vitamin A aborts the process by strengthening the cell membrane. The virus can’t get inside and remains exposed to the immune system. Once the virus is detected by the immune system, it is destroyed. Single viruses are physically destroyed by immune cells called macrophages (Macro= big. Phage= eater). Macrophages gobble up critters like microbial Pac Men. However, if there are millions of viruses to deal with, the immune system releases cytokines.

Ideally, you want this protection from vitamin A prophylactically. You want to be vitamin A loaded before you get exposed to the virus. This happens from taking in lots of dark green veggies. These veggies contain beta carotene. If thyroid levels are optimal, beta carotene is converted into vitamin A. If thyroid levels are low, the beta carotene builds up in your skin and turns feet and palms yellow. Those of you starting the BALi Greens already will notice you won’t get sick with viral illness like those around you during cold/flu season. If you’re not taking the BALi Greens, juicing, or otherwise getting in loads of beta carotene from dark veggies, you can still make short work of the flu and other viruses by taking 400,000 iu of vitamin A (Not beta carotene) for two days.

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