Vitamin D3

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It turns out that Vitamin D3 is a hormone rather than a vitamin. Think of the relationship between hormones and vitamins as similar to the relationship between the carpenter and his tools. Hormones actually program the DNA in your cells to make the things you need to sustain health. Vitamins are used as tools to make this process happen. The hormone Vitamin D3 causes many things to happen to sustain health. One important thing is that it controls the production of a natural antibiotic called “cathlecidins”(antimicrobial peptides). The natural antibiotics made by the body, like hydrochloric acid and cathlecidins, allow humans to stay healthy as we live and breathe in an environment filled with germs. If vitamin D3 levels get low,this leaves you more vulnerable to infections from bacteria and viruses in the air. This will be particularly common during months when there is less Sun light. Normally,humans make Vitamin D3 from Sun light exposure. Adequate vitamin D3 is hard to come by through food,especially for vegetarians. Even most supplements do not provide the level of vitamin D3 recommended by experts like John Cannel MDVitamin D3 is also critical for the absorption of calcium into bones. We now have available pleasant tasting gummies to replace vitamin D3 in children. Ideally,you should have the pediatrician test for vitamin D3 levels. However,it is safe to give children 1-2,000 iu/day without testing.

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