We Are Not Alone

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On a good day, you are outnumbered by several trillion. There are more critters that live in and on us than dollars in the deficit. You have mechanisms in place to keep these critters from overgrowing. One mechanism is body temperature. This is similar to food on the buffet line. That food has critters. The number is kept low by keeping the food at a certain temperature. If the food goes below that temperature, critters will overgrow and make people sick. For humans, the temperature under your tongue should be around 98.6. Your under-arm temp should be around 97.6. The temperature under your big toe should be around 90. The first place I will notice low body temperatures is under your big toe. So, that is where I measure using an infrared/laser thermometer.

Another line of defense is natural production of hydrochloric acid. Your stomach lining normally produces hydrochloric acid with each meal. Without this hydrochloric acid, the critters that normally live in your gut (trillions) will eat/ferment the food you deliver into your stomach. This will cause gas, heart burn, bloating, colic, spitting up curdles, slow digestion, problems digesting vitamins, irritable bowel syndrome and more.

Keeping blood sugar under control is another way we keep critters from overgrowing. Thyroid hormone and insulin allow you to push sugar from your blood stream into your cells to be burned for energy. If thyroid levels decline, not only does body temperature drop, sugar builds up in the blood stream. Critters love sugar in the blood stream.

Holding on to iodine/iodide is another mechanism humans use to keep critters under control. Humans pee in the pool. Fish do much worse yet they stay healthy in the ocean. How does that happen? There is iodine/iodide in the ocean and fish have fish oil. Iodine is similar to chlorine as a critter killer. Fish oil contains the molecule DHA. This is where iodine/iodide ride shotgun on human cells to fend off critters (see Optimox website for infomania). If we take in fish oil or some vegetarian source of DHA, our cells get coated with DHA. If we then take an iodine/iodide supplement, it’s like keeping chlorine in your swimming pool. Iodine/iodide is a powerful critter killer.

Converting Sun light into vitamin D is another way we normally can survive an environment full of critters. Vitamin D stimulates our immune system to produce cathelicidins–natural critter killers. With less sun exposure, we produce less vitamin D and are more vulnerable to critters. This happens during cold/flu season. Dark skinned people have more trouble absorbing sunlight, and therefore are more vulnerable to conditions associated with critter overgrowth. (Dark skinned people are also more likely to be thyroid deficient). This plays a role in black men dying more from prostate cancer and black women dying more from breast cancer.

Obviously, your immune system is very important. These are the foot soldiers that patrol your body 24/7 keeping critters under control. If your immune system gets compromised by drugs, stress, tobacco, excess alcohol, chemotherapy etc.–you will get critter overgrowth easier.

Lastly, what we eat makes a difference. The faster a food raises your blood sugar (glycemic index), the more likely it will make you grow critters. Alternatively, eating foods from the BALi list will help you keep critters under control. This is especially true of foods marked with *.

The pictures you see below are examples of getting critters under control using no drugs, simply restoring the body’s innate ability to keep critters under control. My job is to find out why you are not keeping critters under control. You then make the changes to make sure your critters stay under control.




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