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Finally . . .The Weight Is Over. Lose 40 Pounds in 60 Days!

The Weight Is Over program puts together the information Dr. Fitt has learned from the world’s best over 36 years. You’ll benefit from his training with Kenneth Cooper, M.D. at the Cooper Center for Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas.

Learn why food can become an addiction.
•    Learn why the body stores fat.
•    Learn the science of which hormones cause you to store fat.
•    Learn which hormones allow you to burn fat.
•    Learn how to control which hormones you produce and how to control hormone production.
•    Learn how to be in control of your weight and health for the rest of your life.

Enjoy these videos below.

Weight Is Over Intro – 1
Weight Is Over Intro – 2
Weight Is Over Intro – 3
Lynn Jennings M.D. Is The First Doctor To Complete The Weight Is Over Program
Kacey Ivey – Winner Of First “Weight Is Over” Program
Kacey Ivey Discusses Weight Is Over Benefits
Weight Is Over
Sherry After Weight Is Over Program


Dr. Roby Mitchell says,

“After 36 years of trying to help women successfully lose weight, I’ve finally developed a program that works. To be sure, what I offer is no quick fix, easy solution. But if you are willing to do the things you’ve been told that would work, eat right and exercise, my program will work for you.”
The Weight is Over program puts together the information I’ve learned from the world’s best over 36 years. You’ll benefit from my training with Kenneth Cooper M.D. at the Cooper Center for Aerobics Research in Dallas. I also studied exercise science under Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones. Prior to becoming a physician, I was a personal trainer for many years. While a medical student at Texas Tech, I studied under renowned endocrinologist, Dr. Carlos Menendez, who specialized in treating diabetes. I studied women’s hormone replacement under Oprah’s favorite gynecologist, Christiane Northrup, M.D. and did advanced study under Jonathan Wright, M.D. Dr. Wright is featured in Suzanne Somers’ latest book. I was taught nutritional medicine by Hugh Riordan, M.D. at the Center for Improvement of Human Functioning in Wichita, Kansas.

Over the past year, I have refined the work of A.T.W. Simeon, M.D. Dr. Simeon popularized the use of the pregnancy hormone HCG as a weight loss tool. HCG is the hormone responsible for a positive pregnancy test. It is produced at very high levels during pregnancy. During pregnancy it facilitates the metabolism of fat into fuel for the mother and infant so the baby is not dependent on mom’s eating habits. HCG breaks down body fat to make sure there is always something in the fridge for baby. The Weight is Over program employs the use of HCG to make weight loss easier and more successful than any program I’ve ever worked with. I was one of the first group of doctors involved with the Optifast liquid diet program. Women like Oprah lost weight with this program, but it always came back. By using HCG, hunger is averted, making proper food choices easier.
The Weight is Over program will combine a mild, home based exercise program with training on the biochemical causes of weight gain.

Roby Mitchell, M.D. (Dr. Fitt)

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