If You Weren’t Born With It, You Don’t Have To Keep It

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Here in Amarillo,we have an organization referred to as “The Knife and Gun Club”. Membership is free. They usually meet at local bars/clubs on Friday and Saturday nights. Meetings start around midnite after several beers. As an emergency room physician,I got to meet many members. The maximum number of bullets I’ve dug out of one individual is six(Which is why I don’t use small caliber). He walked out of the hospital fine. Probably had another meeting to attend. Others would come in after having their scalps split open down to the skull bone. This meant I had to individually sew back together several layers that cover the skull bone. 7-10 days later,they would come back (sober) and have the stitches removed. All I did was stitch the layers of skin back together and 10 days later,the scalp was all healed up. Pretty amazing to witness that. Same with the bullets.
My point is that there is an amazing program for healing already in us. Most of the conditions people go to doctors for are not true diseases but consequences of poor food choices or hormonal/nutritional imbalances. Some of the before/after pics below are people who had issues with weight loss or wrinkles. However,several are of people who were told what they had was not curable. The child with severe psoriasis was looking at a life time of steroids. Tish, with stage 4 melanoma was given death sentence. The diabetic with the leg ulcer was facing leg amputation. No drugs were used in any of the cases below. Whether its acne or cancer,I get superior results because I stopped trying to be more intelligent that the intelligence that is programmed into the human body. I didn’t need to micromanage every layer of scalp for this wounds to heal. Same with the bullets. The power to heal is already in you. You can choose to keep your condition but you don’t have to.

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