What Causes Wrinkles?

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There are 2 basic processes that cause wrinkles. Interestingly, they are the same 2 processes responsible for other conditions from heart disease, to stroke, to Alzheimer’s, to diabetes, to cancer. Oxidation and inflammation are the 2 processes that compromise the structural integrity of your body’s infrastructure the way termites compromise the structural integrity of a house. In the case of wrinkles, think of an umbrella. The struts in an umbrella support the structural integrity of the fabric when the struts are in the open position (same concept with a camping tent). In the open position, the fabric is smooth and without wrinkles. When the struts are collapsed, the fabric wrinkles. In skin, collagen acts as the “struts”. If collagen is destroyed and not replaced, the skin folds up like an umbrella.

What destroys collagen? Inflammation and oxidation. Inflammation is your immune system’s response to too many critters on your face or anywhere else in the body. The cells of your immune system have “weapons of mass destruction” designed to kill critters (These chemicals also cause fever, swelling, pain, redness, diarrhea and other symptoms associated with critter overgrowth. It’s not the virus that causes flu symptoms. It’s your immune system’s response to the virus, bacteria or fungus). In the process of killing critters, you may sustain some “collateral damage” to collagen, blood vessels, brain cells or other tissues/cells. The extreme of this on the face is acne and rosacea. Antibiotics can reduce the critter count in either condition. The I Mist You component of Girl Friends serves this purpose. Hydrochloric acid is the broad-spectrum antibiotic normally produced by humans. I Mist You is diluted hydrochloric acid, like the human stomach normally produces. It will kill viruses, fungi, and bacteria. If you don’t have too many critters, your immune system will not respond with inflammation.

Oxidation is the other destructive process that happens in the skin and the rest of the body. You’ve seen the effects of oxidation if you’ve seen a rusty nail, faded paint on a car, or a fire. In simple terms, oxidation is the transfer of electrons from one molecule to another in the presence of oxygen. If we go back to the termite analogy, oxidation is the transfer of wood from the lumber in your home to the stomach of the termite. If this transfer happens over a long period of time, your house falls apart. Same thing happens with a nail. Same thing happens to your skin. How can we prevent oxidation? Armor All is one way. That works on your car dashboard. A better choice for skin is liposomal vitamin C and Touch My Face Serum. These 2 act as “anti-oxidants” (prevent oxidation) and protect your skin from the removal of electrons. Your collagen stays healthy. Your struts stay open. You see the results of this antioxidant effect in the 2 halves from the same apple. I put the liposomal C on the right half and left both exposed to oxygen. Oxygen will act like termites and steal electrons if there is no protection. You see the half on the left starting to brown and wrinkle. Keep this from happening to your skin by using Girl Friends.

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(MSU is a commonly used Robyism that typically stands for “make science up” or “make sh*t up”. “Critter” is commonly used to reference Candida yeast overgrowth and inflammation.)

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