What Your Doctor May Not Know About Hypothyroidism

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Weight gain and being tired all the time are symptoms most people are aware of being associated with low thyroid. There are other symptoms of thyroid deficiency that even most Drs are not aware of. Thyroid hormone is required to assist insulin in getting sugar from the blood stream to inside cells to be burned for energy. If thyroid levels are inadequate,levels of blood sugar will rise. This will eventually cause type 2 diabetes. Anyone with type 2 diabetes has inadequate thyroid hormone. Cholesterol,liver enzymes,triglycerides and several other products are produced in the liver. If any of these is elevated,it’s an indication of liver inflammation-not too many eggs. Anytime there is increased production of anything,suspect inflammation. This is also true with high blood pressure. Over production of a number of substances can cause blood vessels to constrict,causing high blood pressure. Kidney inflammation causes overproduction of rennin. Adrenal inflammation causes overproduction of catecholamines (stress hormones). Blood vessel inflammation causes overproduction of leukotrienes. Each of these causes constriction of arteries and an increase in blood pressure. Depending on which source is causing your high blood pressure,one class of drugs will work better for you. For instance,if excess rennin from kidney inflammation is causing high blood pressure,a class of drugs called “ACE inhibitors” will work better for you. Sleep apnea is also a consequence of inflammation/yeast overgrowth due to low thyroid levels. Think of how many drugs would not be prescribed if thyroid was adequately replaced. This is the answer to your question as to why Drs don’t correct thyroid levels first. Not to intentionally keep you sick. Just the way we were taught by an educational system paid for with drug company money.

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