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Weather men can warn us well in advance of hurricanes. They do this by evaluating the conditions that lead to hurricanes such air and water temperatures in the ocean. Hurricanes never happen “all of a sudden”. Heeding the warning to evacuate an area can save your life well before the hurricane hits. Medical conditions such as stroke, “heart attack”, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s can also be predicted well in advance of catastrophic events.

Early warning signs are:

1) Carrying weight around your belly. For males, over 35 inches at the level of your navel is a big red flag. For women, over 30 inches.

2) Elevated blood sugar. This should be measured by “hemoglobin A1C” rather than the traditional fasting blood sugar. Hemoglobin A1C higher than 5.2 means there is excess sugar in the blood stream. Regardless of what name you give that condition, it’s a condition that causes an overgrowth of critters that love sugar. This can turn on the immune system and create chronic inflammation. Most western medical conditions are caused by chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is like having a house full of termites that you can’t see.

3) Blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. 121/81 is high. There is no “borderline” high blood pressure or pregnancy. There is no “Ok for your age” blood pressure. High blood pressure and a bad reaction to high blood pressure medication is what started me down the path away from MSU medicine.

4) Elevated homocysteine. Homocysteine is an amino acid normally found in the blood. It is a building block that should be converted into other things. If this conversion does not happen, homocysteine levels will build up in the blood stream and damage blood vessels. This can lead to “heart attacks” and strokes. Homocysteine levels should not be above 8. Your doctor can have these numbers evaluated for you. However, most doctors are not able to figure out if water is hot unless they see it boiling–too late.

You can take charge of your own health by using a home blood pressure monitor, an infrared thermometer, a tape measure, and using Any Lab Test Now to order your own blood work.

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(MSU is a commonly used Robyism that typically stands for “make science up” or “make sh*t up”. “Critter” is commonly used to reference Candida yeast overgrowth and inflammation.)

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