Why I Stopped Practicing Medicine

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Two elderly women were sitting together, watching a movie in a darkened theater. Mabel leans to her left and whispers to her friend Ethel “You won’t believe this, but the man sitting next to me is masturbating in plain sight”. Appalled, Ethel exclaimed “Oh dear, we should get up and move right away!” “I can’t”, replied Mabel. “He’s using my hand”.

A few years back, a woman came to me who had suffered for years with stomach problems. She had been referred to a local gastroenterologist, Tom Johnson. Mr. Johnson could not figure out exactly what her problem was, but labeled her with one of the trash can diagnoses that are given to people when they are ineptly evaluated.

The patient was treated in accordance with the diagnosis which meant long-term administration of drugs rife with long-term side effects, which this patient suffered several of. This is the so called “standard of care” model that physicians adhere to, regardless of the damage it does to the patient.

When I saw the patient, it was obvious that her problems were related to hypothyroidism and dysbiosis, an imbalance between good and bad germs in the gut. I successfully treated both conditions to the patient’s satisfaction. All of her symptoms improved or resolved, she lost weight and felt better than she had in years.

When she returned to Mr. Tom, he had no concern that her health had so dramatically
improved, enabling her to get off the bio-chemical poisons we normally prescribe. His ostensible concern was that she had been placed on thyroid hormone for reasons indicated by an extensive medical history and physical exam, which he obviously failed to do, rather than using the deadly “standard of care” of exclusively relying on a lab test called TSH. Years of clinical observation and scientific study have proven the TSH test to be grossly unreliable in detecting sub-optimal thyroid function. This is especially true in women, minorities and the elderly-groups that suffer disproportionately from thyroid related illness. Mr. Johnson reported this incidence of a patient’s improved well being to the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. I had had no dealings with this regulatory entity before except to pay them yearly licensure fees. When they alerted me about the com-plaint from little Johnson, I went to their website to find out more:

Texas Medical Board Mission

The mission of the Texas Medical Board is to protect and enhance the public’s health, safety and welfare by establishing and maintaining standards of excellence used in regulating the practice of medicine and ensuring quality health care for the citizens of Texas through licensure, discipline, and education.
The agency has adopted a shortened version of its mission:
Safeguarding the public through professional accountability.
Texas Medical Board Philosophy

The Texas Medical Board will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, accountability, efficiency and openness. The public’s health and welfare is a public trust and we will meet our obligations with responsibility and purpose. We believe that both the public and profession are best served by a regulatory system that is firm, fair and focused.

I was 2 merit badges away from being an Eagle Scout. I was brought up in the Baptist church by a school teacher mom and a Baptist preacher father. I served in the U.S. Marines. I graduated with honors from Texas Tech University School of Medicine. I was their first choice of a medical student to participate in a student exchange program between them and Guangzhou University School of Medicine in China. I did a fellow-ship in cardiovascular pharmacology under P.K.T Pang Ph.D. I was chief resident for my residency class. I was programmed to believe the above statements.

So, when I was contacted by the board to send my medical records on the case, I naively thought that their interest and objectives were consistent with the above proclamations. I envisioned that when they were able to assess how much the patient improved under my care compared to how “health, safety and welfare” were repeatedly compromised from little Johnson’s treatment, they would judge in favor of the “public’s health, safety and welfare’.  I was wrong.

As I started to encounter the nauseating string of cretins sent to investigate my case, it became clear that “public health and safety” was the last thing on the agenda of the board. Sick, fat people in charge of your health care is like having George Bush as your public speaking coach. The standards will be set quite low. As I investigated deeper, things only got worse. Make no mistake, medical boards across the country are in place to further the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry and others who parasite off the sick state of the American public.

I grew up African American in the 60’s. You can imagine what it meant for me, my parents and other relatives for me to graduate from medical school, less well ? accumulate the other accolades. As a Marine, I had to take an oath to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I also took a Hippocratic Oath. So, when I uncovered, and brought myself to reluctantly accept the true agenda of the board, I knew I could no longer ethically sit next to them while they used my hand to masturbate.

Having made that decision, I decided to gain as much knowledge from the process as I could. I went to Austin and met with then board president, Roberta Kalufat, another sick, obese person in charge of the “public’s, health, safety and welfare”. Also, note above the statement on “highest standards of ethics”.  Below is a document sent to Texas Governor Rick Perry on the professional conduct of Kalufat:

Steven Hotze, M.D. October 30, 2007
Dear Colleagues,
Greetings! The following is a letter from Dr. Dan Munton, former partner of Dr. Kalafut in Abilene from 2002 – 2004, to Gov. Perry. Dr. Mun-ton is the physician who informed me that while he had worked with Kalafut and her husband, Dr. Brandecker, that Kalafut told him that she would have her husband file anonymous complaints against her competitors and then she would work the TMB to ensure that they were disciplined. Kalafut and her husband have a pain management clinic in Abilene. Their are six other physicians in pain management practices in Abilene who compete with Kalafut and her husband. Of these six physicians, two are neurosurgeons, one radiologist, two
anesthesiologists and Dr. Munton, a specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine. All six of Kalafut’s competitors have received anonymous complaints from the TMB since Kalafut joined the board. All the members of the Hendrick Medical Center Executive Medical Staff have also received anonymous complaints since Kalafut joined the board. In the late 1990s, Hendrick Medical Center (HMC) terminated Dr. Kalafut’s and her husband’s management of the
rehabilitation program at the HMC. The word out in Abilene is that Kalafut and her husband initiated all these anonymous complaints. The physicians are terrified of her. Dr. Munton is preparing a sworn affidavit, describing the above, which I will present to Ronnie Earle this Thursday when I file my complaint against Kalafut for committing the crime of official oppression. My Austin attorney thinks that we can meet with the Federal Prosecutor, Johnny Sutton, and file federal charges for racketeering, a conviction of which would send Kalafut to the federal penitentiary. The plot thickens like caribou stew.
Sincerely yours,
Steve Hotze, M.D.

Dear Governor Perry,

My name is Dr. Dan Munton, I am the former partner of Roberta Kala-fut D.O. and her husband Ed Brandecker M.D. I voluntarily for ethical reasons resigned from their practice in 2004. I left Abilene to serve out a contractual non compete. Upon hearing of my planned return to Abilene, Ed Brandecker sent me a threatening letter stating that if I had stayed away they would have “let bygones be bygones”. I shortly thereafter received my first of two “anonymous” complaints from the Texas Medical Board where Roberta sits as President. Then Vince Viola, my physician assistant, who previously worked for them, was also turned into the board “anonymously”. I don’t feel this was all just coincidence. It has cost me countless hours and thousands of dollars to defend myself from these fraudulent complaints. It is very concerning to now hear that after first denying, then admitting her husband has turned in physicians anonymously to the Medical Board with her knowledge. I think this is an extreme abuse of power. I am asking you to ask for her resignation. From the hearings you can now see the countless united physicians across Texas that would agree with this position.
Dan Munton M.D.

So much for ‘highest standards and ethics. Unfortunately, Kalufat was only the tip of the iceberg of feces that exist under the guise of promoting “public health, safety and welfare”. One has only to take a layperson’s look at the state of health of the people in Texas and the continued worsening of parameters associated with health to understand the abject failure of this group’s stated objective. Obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, teen pregnancy, neonatal deaths, congenital birth defects, cancer, childhood deaths from asthma are all epidemic in the state of Texas. You’ll note that one of their mandates in their mission statement is “education” of physicians. If the current state of health of Texans is a result of their “education”, my mother would give them an F- .

Knowing that I would never accept any of their terms to continue practicing medicine, I was still curious to find out just how criminal they would stoop. I was not disappointed. My attorney continues to hold perjured testimony by their cretin minion Rueben Wilborn. There’s more but it just gets more disgusting. I’m the first to admit that I was not diplomatic with these organized criminals. I consider them domestic enemies I swore to protect Americans from. In my mind, for me to continue to collude with people who I consider enemies of the state, was out of the question. However, there are other physicians who are disgusted enough to pursue legal action against these criminals. I wish them well and hope you will support them if you value your “health, safety and public welfare”.

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