Why is BALi Superior?

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Difference between BALi, Paleo, Mediterranean and others is more targeted science.  I did the

MD/Ph. D. program at Texas Tech University School of Medicine.  This makes me take a more

research science oriented approach than most M.D.s.  I followed the scientific literature for years

looking at the research on the impact of vitamins/minerals on health outcomes.
The data was what we call “equivocal”.  Some studies said there was benefit followed by others saying little to no benefit.  At that time, we were beginning to understand that the underlying cause of much human disease was due to damage done to cells by destructive molecules called “free radicals”.  The damage done by these molecules is called “oxidation”.  Oxidation is the process that creates a rusty nail and causes the paint to fade on your car.  Oxidation is what turns an apple brown once the inside gets exposed to air.  An instructive experiment for all is to cut open an apple and place the halves side by side.  Take a 1/2 lemon and squeeze the juice onto one of the halves.  Let them sit for an hour and you will notice the one with the lemon juice has less oxidation.  The lemon juice acted as an “antioxidant”-prevents oxidation.
Early investigators thought antioxidants would be the silver bullets in fruits and vegetables.  On paper, the most studied antioxidants from the plant world were vitamins: A, C, E and the mineral selenium.  This was reflected in health food stores by a combination of supplements marketed as “ACES”.  With the hypothesis that simply loading people with antioxidants would prevent disease, researchers loaded megadoses of these nutrients into lab rats, and other research animals. The results were disappointing.  Antioxidants, while beneficial, were not silver bullets.
Still, there was no question that people that ate a high volume of produce, especially dark produce, had a reduced risk of cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other medical conditions. This suggested that there were other chemicals in fruits and vegetables that were responsible for the majority of the health benefits. Further studies by the Dept of Agriculture and others started to identify these chemicals.  The generic name of “phytochemicals”(plant chemicals) was given to distinguish them from vitamins and minerals.  Testing on phytochemicals showed some to be very powerful antioxidants.  This was followed by the marketing of supplements with these isolated phytochemicals and the emergence of so called “superfoods”.

Ok, so free radicals cause oxidation and antioxidants prevent oxidation. My question was “Where are all of these free radicals coming from”? My answer came from working with women suffering from conditions related to yeast over growth. This condition causes the immune system to react with the war on critters we call “inflammation”.  It turns out that one of the “weapons of mass destruction” used by immune cells are free radicals-they spit out free radicals like a Marine with a flame thrower. Some free radicals are on target but others damage normal cells.  When I would put women on a one month course of the yeast killer prescription drug Diflucan, the yeast levels went down, the troops came home and the inflammation went away.
The remarkable thing was that not only did the problem they came in with improve, everything got better.  Energy improved, depression went away, they lost weight, skin texture improved, blood sugar/pressure/cholesterol improved.
The key appeared to be bringing down critter levels. That is when the Ph. D. mind kicked in and I started testing extracts from different fruits and vegetables to see which ones were the most potent at killing critters. That is where the BALi Eating Plan comes from. The comparison of BALi to Paleo and other diets is like comparing a laser beam to light from a flash light. The wavelengths found in laser are present in a flashlight. A laser beam is much more focused, enough so that laser beams can be used surgically to cut through skin, even steel. BALi is the laser beam eating plan.

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