The Widow Maker Belly

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Sometime around age 35, men will develop what I call ” The Widow Maker”. That toxic glob of fat around your waist is a lit fuse for “heart attacks”, strokes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, colon cancer and prostate cancer. A big reason why there is an 8 to 1 ratio in retirement centers. You won’t look fat from the back but from the side and front, you look pregnant. Belly fat is associated with the critter overgrowth (inflammation) associated with the above medical conditions. I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar as my thyroid levels started to decline. I had no idea these problems were related to low thyroid levels. In medical school, we were taught that you just mysteriously developed these problems with age and the only recourse was to manage the symptoms with drugs. I tried a drug for my blood pressure. I had such severe side effects, it made me start to rethink things. It’s a little embarrassing that I swallowed that MSU.

I did my PhD work in cardiovascular pharmacology under one of the brightest minds in medicine – the late, PKT Pang PhD, D.Sc. He was the head of the physiology department at Texas Tech University School of Medicine and the University of Alberta School of Medicine in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I knew high blood pressure was not a symptom of drug deficiency. However, taking a pill is easier than lifestyle changes. I have never looked for easy. Once I figured out the imbalances causing those conditions, I corrected them. At age 50, I no longer carried the widow maker.

(MSU is a commonly used Robyism that typically stands for “make science up” or “make sh*t up”. “Critter” is commonly used to reference Candida yeast overgrowth and inflammation.)

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