Food for Thought – Preventing Alzheimer’s

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A commonly asked question I get is “What’s are ways to prevent Alzheimer’s? Crossword puzzles, brain exercises? I forget little things like…wait…what was I saying?”

Alzheimer’s happens for the same 2 primary reasons most other medical conditions happen, inflammation and disuse atrophy. Inflammation is that war I continue to talk about between your immune system and fungus and other germs that try to take over as we get older, like moldy bread. This is a literal war in which your immune system produces weapons of mass destruction. Your immune system produces chemicals to destroy these germs. As in wars we can see, sometimes unintended damage happens. In an individual person, where and to what extent this damage happens, depends on genetics — all other things being equal. Your family history, how your parents/grandparents died, can give you a clue where your weak spots are. Alzheimer’s, strokes, diabetes, “heart attacks”, high blood pressure/cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s, eczema, acne, asthma, they’re all the same condition–inflammation. It just happens in different places.

Diet is key to preventing inflammation in the brain or anywhere else. The BALi Eating Plan is your guide to optimal health. Get rid of sugar/corn/rice/wheat based products. That said, there are some foods in particular you want to focus on if you want to stay mentally sharp with age. These foods are high in what are called “polyphenols”. Certain plant chemicals are better for certain parts of the body. This is why a variety of different colored produce in your diet is important. The broccoli/cabbage family is very good for breast/prostate health. Purple foods, fish, and the fat in seeds/nuts are good for your brain. Find ways to get more of these foods into your diet.

Disuse atrophy is the “use it or lose it” wearing out we see. Muscles, bone, heart, immune system, brain, diamonds–creating resistance is the way to make things strong. Brain exercise does include word games, puzzles and other brain games. Learning/playing music and new languages are also powerful brain exercises. Dancing combines brain with physical exercise. The icing on the cake, so to speak, are the Thinking Caps and lithium. Lithium has been shown to actually create new brain cells. We lose brain cells with age. The Thinking Caps supply the building blocks for the brain to be able to store and retrieve memories. I do all 3: Eat BALi, exercise my brain (word games are my favorite), and I take the lithium with my Thinking Caps.


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