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When we were at the medical conference in Phoenix recently,we had lectures from 2 holistic dentists. I have continued to be in contact with one,Mike Margolis D.D.S. I’ve included his link below. I was fascinated by how they link diseases in the rest of the body to occult dental infections-infections that you are not aware of. They teach that teeth sit on acupuncture points that affect other body parts. For instance,you can have an infection under one tooth that could cause an irregular heart beat or affect thyroid function or cause joint pain. Every holistic dentist I have ever spoken with is adamant about getting rid of root canals as they say these are always a source of hidden infections. We started offering the Spray White 90¬†for cosmetic purposes,but I now realize its much more important purpose-helping keep your teeth and gums free from infection. The high potency hydrogen peroxide kills germs on contact. The WOW Pro enhancing rinse contains xylitol,the sugar you’ve heard me recommend that actually repels yeast. It also contains sodium bicarb to keep your mouth at an alkaline pH for hours to ward off yeast build-up.


I’ve been lucky to never have even cavities but I now have a new respect for keeping a clean mouth.

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